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Individual Instruction 103 Handgun Online Conceal Carry
Ohio Concealed Carry 103 Handgun Women CCW Clothing & Accessories
101 Basic Handgun 104 Handgun CCW Women Clothing & Accessories
101 Basic Handgun Women 101-103 Handgun Conceal Carry Scenarios
102 Handgun 101-103 Handgun Women Picking CCW Weapon
102 Handgun Women Advanced Concealed Carry  

Defensive Tactics Skills - Level 103 Handgun

This class is for the experienced firearms handler, or as a follow up to Level 102 Handgun. The class adds more movement and offhand shooting. Develop your tactical skills with the use of cover and concealment, use of space, and structure clearing. Exercise on shoot/no-shoot decision making targets. The goal of this class is to build skill to reduce reaction time. The course setup is going to stress accuracy and speed.

See course listing for more information. 103HG or 103HGW

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