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Individual Instruction 103 Handgun Online Conceal Carry
Ohio Concealed Carry 103 Handgun Women CCW Clothing & Accessories
101 Basic Handgun 104 Handgun CCW Women Clothing & Accessories
101 Basic Handgun Women 101-103 Handgun Conceal Carry Scenarios
102 Handgun 101-103 Handgun Women Picking CCW Weapon
102 Handgun Women Advanced Concealed Carry  

CCW Clothing & Accessories

Time: 3 hrs.
Cost: $75

In the classroom we will review and discuss the different types of concealment clothing and how to modify your current wardrobe to conceal your weapon. Class will also cover additional accessories you may need to carry with you on your weapon.


Notes: These courses can be scheduled based on students or groups timeframe Monday thru Friday between 8 AM thru 6 PM by emailing us your dates and times.


Upcoming Classes or can be schedule to your timetable by emailing us at Tombstone@TombstoneCCI.com

The LIVE FIRE part of this course TRAINING will be held at an INDOOR RANGE and the fee for the Range Time is an additional $35.



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