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Individual Instruction 103 Handgun Online Conceal Carry
Ohio Concealed Carry 103 Handgun Women CCW Clothing & Accessories
101 Basic Handgun 104 Handgun CCW Women Clothing & Accessories
101 Basic Handgun Women 101-103 Handgun Conceal Carry Scenarios
102 Handgun 101-103 Handgun Women Picking CCW Weapon
102 Handgun Women Advanced Concealed Carry  

Ohio Concealed Carry

The concealed carry course includes instructions in: Eligibility and the application process, firearm safety, handguns and ammunition, pistolcraft, legal issues for concealed carry, use of force, logic, and mindset of concealed carry.

This class can be taken in a group or individual setting. See course listing for more information.

Advanced Concealed Carry

The advanced course is designed to enhance the skills of the legally armed citizen, law enforcement officer, and military personnel who carry concealed handguns. Carrying a handgun concealed is a big responsibility and requires mastering techniques for safe handling, concealment, and rapid deployment.

Take this opportunity to learn about holsters and related equipment, alternative methods of carry with varying clothing styles. Work in varied environments while developing the skills necessary to winning an armed encounter. See course listing for more information.

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