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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where should I start with handgun training?

2. What is your deposit, refund and cancellation policy?

3.Where should I start my training, physical, firearms?

4.I am not in good physical condition, can I participate in training?

5. How many weapons should I bring to a class?

6. Will TCCI be able to sell me ammo should I not be able to get enough on my own?


7. My spouse wants to come to Ohio with me, but doesn’t want to attend the class. Are there any hotels, B&Bs where she would be comfortable at during the day?


8. I want to attend TCCI with my minor child, what is your position on this?


9. I have a major physical limitation (crutches, wheel-chair or prosthesis). Can TCCI accommodate me? Have you had students with such limitations in the past?


10. I hand-load for my sniper-rifle. Can I pick up brass?


11. I have never been in the military, am not a cop, and have no formal training. Will my time in the class be positive and at my level, or will I get left behind?


12. Does TCCI offer covered shooting positions in the event of rain or bad weather?


13. I am coming from out of state and want/need to ship my weapons via mail. Where should I send them to?


14. If my pistol/rifle breaks, will TCCI be able to service it?


15. Are we really going to shoot that much ammunition?


16. What firearm should I bring to class or what type of firearm should I purchase?


17. How does your handgun 101-102 class apply to me getting my Ohio Concealed Carry permit?


18. Do you offer discounts for students who pay for classes with cash?


19. Are there kitchen facilities at TCCI?


20. Is there a place in town where I can get lunch? Is there time for that?


21. How many people will there be in “X” class?


22. Does TCCI have weapons to sell to students?


23. Does TCCI have a pro-shop that sells gear and clothes?


24. I am looking into the possibility of bringing my security team, military unit, police department to your facility. We would prefer that information not be made public or published on your website. Is that a problem?

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